Canyon of Heroes

Sean Adams/WCBS 880

All Tickets Quickly Reserved For City Hall Ceremony Honoring US Women's Soccer Team

July 08, 2019 - 11:14 am

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) -- New York City's "Canyon of Heroes" is being prepped for another big show as the U.S. women's soccer team will take the familiar ride Wednesday morning following their fourth World Cup victory and second in a row.

A ticker-tape parade is a rare tribute reserved for heads of state, war veterans, astronauts, athletes of distinction and champions.

Tickets for the City Hall ceremony honoring the back-to-back World Cup champions were booked up quickly after they were open to the public on Monday afternoon.

Over the past few decades, New York City has hosted these unique tributes for the New York Rangers, the New York Yankees, the New York Giants, Sammy Sosa, and astronaut John Glenn.

The last ticker-tape parade was held four years ago, when the U.S. Women's soccer team claimed the World Cup.

Lower Broadway is bubbling with excitement and anticipation for the time when the windows fly open and shredded paper is set loose upon the breeze, turning Lower Manhattan into a giant snowglobe.

"It brings tears to your eyes, all the joy and everything that's happening and it's crazy. It's fun," one New Yorker said.

"Everybody should be proud," another New Yorker said.

The metal barricades are already up along the Canyon of Heroes, a stretch of Broadway between Battery Park and City Hall.

At City Hall, workers have already constructed the platform on which the team will receive a city's adulation and the keys to the city from Mayor Bill de Blasio.

"I remember last time, it was pretty much the same timing if I remember correctly and we had an extraordinary event to honor our American women and it went off without any incident, it was a beautiful day and particularly seeing families bring their daughters there to see their heroes was an amazing thing," de Blasio said, recalling the 2015 ticker-tape parade honoring the World Cup champion U.S. Women's soccer team.

The parade is set to kick off at 9:30 a.m. Wednesday.