Stories From Main Street: Animal Shelter Looks For Help While Relocating

Sean Adams
October 06, 2019 - 4:00 pm
Dr. Crosby

Sean Adams/WCBS 880

BRIARCLIFF MANOR, N.Y. (WCBS 880) — If you’re looking for a new furry friend, the SPCA of Westchester is looking for your help.

As the agency looks to build a new facility, they desperately need to find homes for some long term residents who will be disrupted during the relocation and construction process.

In this week’s Stories from Main Street, WCBS 880’s Sean Adams visits the no-kill shelter, which was founded in 1883, to meet some of the pets looking for a forever home.

“We always like to say make adoption your first option. There are so many wonderful puppies, and kittens, dogs and cats of all different breeds, all different, you know, sizes in terms of dogs here in shelters and we always ask people to please check your local shelter first,” said executive director Shannon Laukhuf.

Since the shelter has been rescuing animals since the 1880s, the facilities need to be upgraded to make room for all the animals they care for.

“Our buildings are very old, hopefully we're going to be changing that in the near future,” Laukhuf said.

However, rebuilding means temporarily relocating, so there's a big push to find homes for some of their long term residence.

“They just need someone to have a heart and take a chance,” she says.

One of the pups looking for a home is an American Staffordshire terrier mix named Crosby.

Crosby (Sean Adams/WCBS 880)

They say he is a pit bull that is the complete opposite of the stereo. He likes to cuddle in his bed and nibble on treats.

“He's also so well trained,” Laukhuf says. “He's earned his PhD in a canine life and social skills, so he's affectionately known as Dr. Crosby.”

Dr. Crosby spends a lot of time with Joanne Witmyer, the director of volunteer services, who says he is “a complete mush.”

“He is happiest when he sees people that he knows and also new people that he meets, particularly children,” she says.

Another pooch looking for a place to call home is Sadie, a black, white and gray older mix who still has a spring in her step, according to kennel manager Bill Howard.

Sadie (Sean Adams/WCBS 880)

“She gets along great with people, doesn't really love other dogs or cats, but she really just needs a backyard to hang out in and just be your buddy,” he says.

Behavior department manager Joanne Langman says that people also shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss the dogs that aren’t jumping around outside.

“I'd like to think about the dogs who get passed over because they might not sit pretty when you come and say ‘hello’ to them, but once they come out, they are going to be your best friend just like anybody else,” she says.

It’s not just dogs that need a home, though. The SPCA of Westchester has plenty of kitten and cats waiting to be brought into a loving home.

Mystical Misty
Mystical Misty (Sean Adams/WCBS 880)

Laukhuf hopes people will consider welcoming one of their longtime residents into their homes as it will help the Westchester SPCA continue its mission and grow for the future.

“A new shelter will definitely be able to probably double the number of animals that will be able to care for, as well as offer so many more community programs, and help more people in need,” she says, “We're very excited that's soon to be on the near horizon.”