Bob Borsody

Sean Adams/WCBS 880

Stories From Main Street: Pro Bono Wood Splitting For Fitness

February 10, 2019 - 4:00 pm

LARCHMONT, NY (WCBS 880) — Keeping fit is important for a lot of people, and while some choose to lift weights – Bob Borsody splits wood.

In backyards across southern Westchester you can find Borsody swinging a 22-pound monster maul axe.

“It’s kind of a peculiar avocation and exercise. I mean, most guys I know, you know— gold, tennis, sailing something sensible like that,” Borsody said.

WCBS 880’s Sean Adams first introduced us to the modern-day Paul Bunyan seven years ago. At the then-age of 74, he told Adams he did it simple because: “It’s free.”

Now, at 81-years-old, Borsody is still swinging away. He even offers to chop up your fallen trees for free.

“I do it for my pleasure, but I’m letting you in on a secret now, I would pay to do it if I had to,” he jokes. “So you tell your neighbor, you know guy who come by and spit it out for free.”

But, he's not kidding. His offer requires no payment— and when people try to offer money or gifts, he offers them something else.

He says: “I say, ‘No, no! What you gotta do is you're now part of my wood watchers guild, you gotta get me more wood!”

The 81-year-old adds that he’d much rather be splitting wood than going to the gym.

Bob Borsody
Sean Adams/WCBS 880

“It’s boring,” Borsody said. “I check the exercise classes there and it's a little less boring, but this is never boring.”

He says swinging away at the logs can help him build up a good sweat, plus it’s more fun and rewarding.

“Right away, you see a reward for what you've done. You whack it, it’s split, and so there is the immediate gratification of what you're doing,” Borsody said.

While he’s splitting the wood, he also constructs forts for the children in his neighborhood.

“The kids love it, they say ‘when’s it gonna be finish, when’s it gonna be finished,’” he said.

Borsody has even constructed six-room houses out of his wood piles. You can see photos of his creations on his blog:

When he's not splitting wood, Borsody runs his own company. He owns several senior living facilities where he encourages residents to remain active like him.

“No matter what your age, if you work out more, it’ll improve your body and your mind,” he said. “There's nothing bad about it. You just gotta keep finding more wood.”