MetLife Stadium

Tom Kaminski/WCBS 880

What Could A World Cup Final At MetLife Stadium Mean For Traffic?

June 13, 2018 - 10:48 am

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – The 2026 World Cup is coming to North America and with MetLife Stadium possibly hosting the final match that could mean major traffic woes for New Jersey.

The last time the New York Giants and Jets home turf hosted such a high-profile event was the Super Bowl in 2014, which created a slew of traffic issues for locals as well as fans commuting to the game.

Many took NJ TRANSIT to Super Bowl XLVIII and WCBS 880’s traffic reporter Tom Kaminski said that didn't work out as well as many would have hoped.

“I know several of my friends that had actually gone to the game and they had a lot of trouble there at the Secaucus Junction area but as you said there’s eight years to kind of work this whole thing out,” Kaminski said.

Kaminski also thought back to 1994, the first time the U.S. hosted World Cup games, and the traffic conditions on the New Jersey Turnpike and other roadways surrounding the East Rutherford stadium.

“The other thing that kind of complicated things back then was there was a construction project that had begun right in that area of Route 21 on Route 3 just when the World Cup games began,” Kaminski said. “And wouldn't you know right now we do have construction on Route 3 right in that area of Route 21. Hopefully that will be taken care of in about eight years.”

Of the 80 games in the 2026 World Cup tournament, 60 will be played in the U.S. and the remaining 20 will be split evenly among Canada and Mexico.

The North American trio beat Morocco’s bid in a 134-65 vote, making history with the first time three countries will host the tournament. Many believe that their profits projection played into this victory, which more than doubled that of Morocco.