Lawsuit: Woman Gave Birth To Other Couples’ Babies In IVF Mix-Up

July 08, 2019 - 6:34 pm

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) — A New York couple is suing a fertility clinic after the woman gave birth to two other couples’ children due to an IVF mix-up, according to a newly filed lawsuit.

The mother, who is of Asian descent, gave birth to two non-Asian children and each child was a genetic match to a different couple that were clients at the clinic, CBS News correspondent Meg Oliver reported.

The couple, who were only identified by their initials, live in Flushing and traveled to CHA Fertility in Los Angeles, spending over $100,000 for in vitro fertilization.

The couple’s efforts were successful and the woman became pregnant in September 2018 and giving birth in March 2019. However, the two children, which were both boys, were not formed using either of the couple’s genetic material.

DNA testing found the true biological parents of each child and the Queens couple was forced to give up custody to the babies’ parents.

According to Oliver, the couple still does not know what happened to their two embryos.

The lawsuit, filed July 1, accuses the clinic of medical malpractice, negligence and 14 other counts. It also claims the couple has suffered significant emotional distress.