Yankees Among The World's Most Environmentally Friendly Sports Teams

April 21, 2019 - 3:46 pm

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – With Earth Day on Monday, some sports teams are trying to show how they’re contributing to a greener planet. The Yankees are among the teams leading the charge.

It might not seem necessary to the success of a baseball team, but the Yankees employ an environmental science adviser. His name is Dr. Allen Hershkowitz and he says it’s all about leading by example.

“You know the question is: How do you educate people? How do you change people’s minds? How do you affect people’s behavior? You have to tap into trusted networks. People trust the Yankees,” Hershkowitz said.

He calls the Yankees one of the most environmentally-friendly sports teams in the world but says most of the things they do – like energy efficiency, greenhouse gas management and water conservation – are invisible to the fans. Nevertheless, the influence is being felt.

“Sport has been enormously influential as a progressive force in society,” Hershkowitz said. “Now sport is embracing climate literacy, environmental literacy.”

There are some things that fans will notice, including compostable packaging, reusable bags, and new LED lights that dance around every time a Yankee blasts a homerun.

The Yankees recently became the first major North American sports team to partner with the United Nations on climate change.

UN Assistant Secretary General Satya Tripathi says he would like to see other sports teams follow the Yankees’ initiative.

“I only hope with all sincerity that it inspires every other sport, every other team on the planet, to follow suit,” Tripathi said.