Mets' Davis, Marisnick Express Regret Over Astros Cheating Scandal

Ed Coleman
February 14, 2020 - 4:32 pm

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. (WCBS 880) — It was a day to apologize on Friday, at least for the Mets who were former Houston Astros in 2017.  

J.D. Davis and Jake Marisnick both met the media, Davis in the morning, Marisnick in the afternoon, and both seemed and sounded repentant for their participation in the Astro's sign-stealing fiasco.

Back in December at a Mets' Christmas event, Davis had denied knowledge of the Houston scheme, but said today that he spoke "prematurely" then and admitted that he was aware of the Astros' illegally using technology to steal signs.  

Davis, who did not arrive in Houston until August 5 when he was called up from the minors and played in just 24 games that season, said that he was "starstruck" in the Astros' clubhouse and just trying to fight to stay in the major leagues.  

However, he now realizes the wide-ranging impact it has had on the sport.  

"It's terrible for baseball," Davis said. "Baseball took a couple of steps backward because of these events and the investigation that applied to it. Of course it's regrettable and I feel ashamed to be a part of it."  

Marisnick, meanwhile, had his best offensive season in 2017, playing in 106 games while hitting 16 HR with 35 RBI and an .815 OPS. And he was extremely contrite from the beginning.  

"I'm apologizing for what happened in 2017" Marisnick said. "I feel terrible about it. There's a line and it was definitely crossed. I want to say I'm sorry to the fans, Major League baseball, my peers, and anyone else who was affected by this. I don't want to be a distraction to the Mets clubhouse, but I do recognize that this is a major deal an that's why I'm here today. As a person who was there, to not speak up and talk about it is something I definitely regret."

Carlos Beltran had a large role in the Astros' sign-stealing scheme and there were reports that teammates were intimidated from speaking up or speaking out because of Beltran's veteran stature.  

But Marisnick said that wasn't true, and even if it was, it's still no excuse.  

"I don't think that's right," said Marisnick. "I think we're all grown men, and I'm a person in there that could have spoken up. I'm not happy with myself that I didn't, but I didn't speak up. And I had the ability to. I'm a grown man in a situation that I can stop. And I didn't stop it."