DeGrom's 2020 Goals: A 3rd Cy And A World Series Win

Ed Coleman Reports From Spring Training

Ed Coleman
February 12, 2020 - 4:05 pm

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. (WCBS 880) — Jacob deGrom is already in some pretty good company with his back-to-back Cy Young Award wins in 2018 and 2019

There are only two pitchers in history who have won the award in three consecutive seasons, and both of them won it in 4 straight years — Greg Maddux (1992-1995) and Randy Johnson (1999-2002). 

Has deGrom thought about a third straight Cy and what that might mean? Well, in his typically understated way, yes! 

"Anytime you're at your best personally, you're going to help the team. You set personal goals, and I've said that the past couple of years, that's definitely another personal goal of mine. But most importantly, it's a team game, and I want to win a World Series, but anytime you're at your best, you help the team," deGrom told the media Wednesday.

Coolest moment in the off-season for # 48? That one's easy. 

"Having Pedro (Martinez) hand me the Cy Young this year was really cool," said deGrom. "You're always trying to get ready for the next season, so reflecting on what you've done for me is kind of a weird thing."  deGrom ran into Pedro at the All-Star game last summer and it proved to be a fortuitous encounter. "He noticed that I was getting more frustrated on the mound than I had in previous years and Pedro said, 'Hey, calm down out there, just have fun.' That really helped and I laughed when I saw him and found out he was presenting me the award. I thanked him for that because I do feel that it helped. I was getting frustrated because I wasn't taking it one pitch at a time like I usually do."

That frustration was borne out of a three-start stretch early in the season which was really the only blip on deGrom's radar in 2019. 


"I said that early on last year that that was going to be a struggle, trying to do too much," he said. "I think I did that a little bit. I was trying to be too perfect, I was getting frustrated and kind of let things spiral on me versus taking it one pitch at a time. So I think going through that definitely will help this year."

Things have not changed that much for the easy-going deGrom. He's always been a team guy who views his personal achievements in a team-first prism. 

"Ever since we made it to the World Series in 2015," said deGrom, "we've had high expectations that we haven't lived up to. But I'm definitely excited this year as well. I think we have a great group of guys, I think our lineup's really good, really good starting pitching, and the bullpen looks really good as well. The expectations are the same as they have been. Everybody's pulling in the same direction, to win a World Series, so that's the goal."

And you probably don't have to remind Degrom that a 3rd straight Cy Young Award would go a long way towards getting there.