Glad To Have MET Ya: Trevino Still Loves NY

Joey Wahler
August 24, 2019 - 12:00 pm

By Joey Wahler

As a Mets backup catcher and utility player, Alex Trevino was surprised when Fernando Valenzuela became an early 1980s Dodgers pitching phenom. In their native Mexico, Trevino caught the lefty before his signature pitch developed.

"When I played with Fernando he didn't use that screwball," Trevino said. "The screwball, he learned it in the states. So he perfected that pitch and before you know it he was an unbelievable pitcher."

As a Met in 1979 and '80, Trevino lead the National League in throwing out would-be base stealers, but stealing and throwing are now lost arts.

"I played throughout the 80s where if you didn't run well you will not play in the big leagues," Trevino said. "And I played in the same division as the Cardinals, if you guys recall. Those teams with the Cardinals, (Vince) Coleman, (Willie) McGee, (Terry) Pendleton, Tom Herr. Almost the whole lineup, they were able to run."

In 1982, Trevino joined the Reds in a trade for George Foster, replacing Johnny Bench, who stopped catching that year. As a boy, Trevino idolized the Hall of Famer.

"And I say, 'You know what? I want to be like Johnny Bench,'" Trevino recalled. "Little would I know that ten years later, ten, 12 years later he's my teammate. So that was amazing to me."

He's now the Astros Spanish radio analyst, but four Mets years left Trevino in love with the Big Apple.

"My daughters, they were born in Brooklyn," Trevino said. "My wife is from the Bronx. So I was going to say I have a little space in my heart. No, I have a big space in my heart for New York."

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