Glad To Have Met Ya: Overcoming Health Scares, '86 Met Hearn Still Changing Lives

June 06, 2019 - 12:17 pm

By Joey Wahler

In his rookie season, imagine catcher Ed Hearn backing up Gary Carter and winning a world championship, all during his lone Mets year.

“That was an unbelievable rookie season,” Hearn said. “And as you mentioned, being a backup to a future Hall of Famer in Gary Carter was just, you said it perfectly. You can’t pack any more into a season. Gary was the ultimate guy to be a mentor for an up and coming catcher. And not only as a major league ballplayer, but for me Joey, it was about the man, Gary Carter. He was a role model to me, on and off the field.”

After joining the Royals in the 1987 trade that made David Cone a Met, a serious shoulder injury ended Hearn’s major league career two years later.

“I was brought to the Royals to be a starting catcher here in Kansas City, and it just wasn’t meant to be,” Hearn said. “And as you know, I’ve gone on to do some pretty incredible things.”

And how. Since suffering kidney disease, Hearn has endured three transplants, 40 skin cancer episodes, and debilitating sleep apnea, triggering suicidal thoughts. But after meeting his wife, Trisha, a nurse from Long Island, Hearn’s life changed.

“Though I considered quitting, I realized that, you know what man? There’s something out here that I’m supposed to be doing,” Hearn said. “And boy golly, less than a year later I’m doing my first speech in front of corporate America. And have spent the next 25 years doing that exact thing.”

As an award winning motivational speaker, Hearn continues inspiring many.

“Almost every autograph that I sign, that I have a chance to put a little something above my name, I put two words: ‘Keep swinging.’”​