Glad To Have Met Ya: Since Pitching, Ed Lynch Has Done It All

May 06, 2019 - 5:11 pm

by Joey Wahler

Pitcher Ed Lynch remembers Keith Hernandez being traded to the Mets in 1983, making them winners.

“When Keith came, every loss was a personal insult to you personally and your entire family,” Lynch said. “So every loss was taken very bitterly. And so losing was not accepted.”

After 29 wins as a starter from 1983 through ’85, Lynch got hurt in ’86, pitching just one Met game before being dealt to the Cubs in June. Yet he got a championship ring.

“And they didn’t give out many rings to guys that were not there,” Lynch said. “So I was very honored and thrilled to receive that ring. And of course I still have it and I’ll cherish it the rest of my life.”

Four years after retiring from baseball, Lynch became a lawyer.

“At age 32 when I’m a first year law student, I got professors trying to embarrass me in class,” Lynch said. “And I’m thinking, ‘Geez, two years ago I was on Game Of The Week and now I’m getting humiliated in a first year law class.’”

For more than six years, Lynch was Cubs general manager. Did he know slugger Sammy Sosa was juicing?

“We weren’t blind,” Lynch said. “But there was really no mechanism in place for us to address that. Under the CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement) it was not allowed.”

Under his ex-teammate, Long Island Ducks manager Wally Backman in the independent Atlantic League, Lynch is a first-year pitching coach.

“I’m trying to help every pitcher on this team get to where they want to be,” Lynch said. “And I assume they want to be back in the major leagues.”​