Rod Gaspar

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Gaspar Predicted 1969 Mets Miracle Vs Orioles

July 02, 2019 - 6:30 pm

By Joey Wahler

During Saturday's 1969 Mets silver anniversary festivities at Citi Field, world champions like reserve outfielder Rod Gaspar met the current squad.
"At the end of our time on the field, we got a chance to meet each of the individual Met players," Gaspar said. "And some nice young men. Really enjoyed it. Got to talk to a couple of them as we went down the line shaking their hands."
Before that '69 World Series against the powerhouse Orioles, Gaspar boldly told Met broadcaster Lindsey Nelson the Mets would win four straight.
"I just happened to pop off, a young 23-year-old kid," Gaspar said. "We lost the first game of course, and then we won the next four. And Lindsey says, 'Come up on stage again.' And I said, 'Lindsey, I didn't say which four.'"

In the tenth inning of Game 4, Gaspar was pinch running at second base when pinch hitter J.C. Martin bunted and was hit by a throw running to first. Gaspar scored the winning run for a 2-1 victory, and was promptly met by Tom Seaver.
"Tom was the first guy to greet me at home," Gaspar said. "Jerry Grote was next. And you know how that goes, you're jumping up and down, and hugging and all that. And of course, as you probably know that was the first and only World Series win of Tom's career."
For more than 40 years, Gaspar has sold insurance.
"God blessed me with ability that people trust me," Gaspar said. "And of course, wearing the World Series ring sometimes doesn't hurt either."
In the spring of 1970, the Mets sent Gaspar to Triple-A, when he met his wife, Sheridan.
"The next day after they cut me I met Sheridan," Gaspar said. "So it was a blessing, big time blessing of course. Because if it hadn't been for that I wouldn't have met my bride."