Thriving on Digital Media
From Instagram to Kickstarter
The best new ways to grow your business

Registration opens at 7:30AM | Pre Breakfast Networking
Program begins at 8:30AM | ends by 10AM


Meet inspiring and innovative entrepreneurs who will share their success stories in a breakfast event hosted by WCBS880 Bloomberg Business Reporter Joe Connolly. Our interactive conversation will focus on how new businesses  are using digital and social media to drive brand discovery. Come hear how you can take your business to the next level. 

 Topics will include:

  • How to come up with that “big idea”
  • Funding your business using tools like Kickstarter
  • How digital marketing and social media drive brand discovery  
  • Do I need an office or store to succeed?
  • The power of good photos and videos
  • Common mistakes you can learn from
  • How to show passion in your brand     



Featured panelists:

Sarah Levey, Founder and CEO of the NYC based Yoga Studios Y7
Featured on the cover of the Inc Magazines Fastest Growing Businesses

Levey is co-founder and CEO of the New York-based yoga studio start up known as Y7 Studio. She launched her business at the age of 26 after spending five years in the fashion industry. Today that business, started in 2013, operates ten studios in New York and Los Angeles with plans to expand to other cities next year. Y7 was her answer to her personal desire for something other than traditional yoga practices offered across New York. Uniquely positioned—Y7 classes combine 60-minutes of intensity with heat and strength, complemented by deep breathing to calm the mind, all while set to the latest beats (think A$AP Rocky, Rihanna, Drake.) Levey’s goal? Make the practice of yoga more accessible and inclusive in attitude and design. Levey was most recently featured on the cover of INC Magazines All-Star Entrepreneur issue.



Tessa Gluck, Founder of Foooodieee
A Food and Lifestyle Instagram with 500,000 followers

Tessa Gluck can certainly say food is her life. From cookie dough covered ice cream to extra cheesy pizza, Tessa Gluck is the face behind the food Instagram @FOOOODIEEE. Thanks to her passion, and “drool worthy” content, Tessa has over half a million social media followers. Tessa has made a name for herself connecting with a large, engaged audience spreading the word about new food and lifestyle trends. She has built a strong community of food enthusiasts with a colorful digital sites that display mouth-watering pictures. Tessa says of her @FOOOODIEEE Instagram, “eating with your eyes has never been more satisfying!” Her enthusiasm for food is contagious. Her passion for her brand is inspiring.



Myrna Suarez, Portrait Photographer
Billy Joel’s Concert Photographer

What began as a career in the music industry has led many years later to a successful career as a professional portrait photographer. But music has always been close to her heart so Myrna Suarez continues to work as Billy Joel’s official concert photographer. Myrna began her career shooting live concerts and soon found herself doing album and magazine covers. Her photography is reflective of a philosophy that emphasizes candor and grace rather than technical tricks. Her portraits harken back to a classic style that reveals the personalities behind the creative arts. Her story of building a business from the ground up based on her art, expertise, talents and passion tell an inspiring success story. Her most recent special project involved a portrait series of the most influential film directors of the 20th and 21st centuries for the New York Film Festival at Lincoln Center.


Elona Karafin
“Elona The Explorer”

With her first solo international flight at five years old, travel has played a significant role in Elona Karafin’s life since a very early age! She’s carried this passion into her adult life, traveling all ends of the world and balancing content creation, charity, consulting and a jewelry business in New York City. Along the way, Elona has established herself as a go-to travel expert, sharing stunning, wanderlust-inducing images and informative content with her engaged and loyal online audiences.

On a personal note, as a childhood cancer survivor, Elona is devoted to promoting body acceptance while giving back to the community. Her charity, The Karafin Cancer Foundation, helps underprivileged kids battling chronic illnesses providing everything from financial support to recreational activities for emotional support ( including travel ). Elona has recently combined her love for exploration and charity to take fellow cancer survivors on dream come true trips around the world with her.