Highline Wellness co-founder Chris Roth

Kickin' Back with Kelly
Wednesday, July 1st
Kelly kicks back with Highline Wellness co-founder Chris Roth to chat about the amazing benefits of CBD. Highline Wellness is a New York City-based, premium, direct-to-consumer CBD company. Chris breaks down the difference between CBD and THC, talks about the biggest CBD misconceptions, shares exactly how CBD works in the body, and reveals its healing powers and benefits. Chris also shares how he discovered CBD and how he went from a career in finance to co-founding one of the most popular CBD companies in the market. Chris also reveals why they decided to go the direct-to-consumer route, and explains why Highline Wellness prides itself on giving back. Chris also talks to Kelly about influencer marketing and how they attribute their success to utilizing the power of influencers to help spread brand awareness. Chris also reveals a future perception shift we will be seeing with THC that could be happening very soon.