Quarantine stress-relief and skincare tips with top NYC wellness experts

Kickin' Back with Kelly
Wednesday, March 25th
Kelly kicks back with not one, but two amazing guests this week to talk quarantine stress-relief and skincare tips. First she chats with Kimberly Ross who is the founder and CEO of the NYC acupuncture and wellness practice ORA. She shares some great at-home techniques you can use to help de-stress during this tough time and also talks about the power of Chinese herbs to help boost your immune system. Kimberly also chats about the amazing benefits of acupuncture and Kelly shares her experience trying it for the first time. Then Kelly chats with Lisa Guidi who is the founder of Erase Spa in NYC, one of the city’s premiere medical spas. She shares with us her quarantine skincare tips and what we should and shouldn't be doing to our skin during this downtime. She also teaches us how to keep our hands hydrated from all that washing, and also reveals how you can make your own at-home natural anti-bacterial spray.