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Why old music still resonates today

Monday, March 11th
We can't say songs are better from the 60s, 70s & 80s but we can prove they're more memorable. We take a musical dive into a remarkable study by NYU...

An action plan to take back our church

Monday, March 4th
A serious question for the faithful to consider. Are we complicit in church abuse if we attend mass without demanding accountability? Survivor Kat Sullivan...

Trapped in our bodies

Sunday, February 24th
Imagine a beautiful mind trapped in a frozen body. No way to express thoughts, fears, joys, or needs. On this edition of News on the Rocks, Patty Steele and...

Presidents Day Special

Monday, February 18th
The war over which President Lincoln presided says a lot about human nature then -- and now. Armies on both sides raped the land and plundered the people. Is...