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Dr. Oz

Friday, October 11th
Doctor Oz on the healthiest alcohol to drink, the right number of eggs to consume, the wisdom of combining eastern and western medicine, advice on healthy,...

News On The Rocks - Billy Bush

Friday, September 6th
On this week's NOTR, Patty Steele, welcomes guest co-host John Elliott of CBS2 in NYC as Wayne Cabot takes a well deserved break. While sipping Japanese...

The Hippie Trail

Saturday, August 24th
The psychedelic adventures of an American hippy in 1970 hitchhiking across Europe and Asia. Wanderer – The Ultimate Hippy Trail Journey, with our guests F.T...

Surviving a shooter

Friday, August 9th
The panic in Times Square that followed the horror in El Paso and Dayton reminded us of Roger Parrino, the security expert who created a video detailing how to...