Fort Lee

Jane Barlow - WPA Pool/Getty Images
Peter Haskell
March 07, 2020 - 1:14 pm
New Jersey officials announced late Friday that there are four presumed positive cases of novel coronavirus in the state.
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Photo by Andrew Renneisen/Getty Images
Kristie Keleshian
February 23, 2020 - 4:32 pm
After Chipotle reached a $1.3 million settlement involving child labor violations, former workers are speaking out about their working conditions.
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Cars in traffic on highway
WCBS 880 Newsroom
February 19, 2020 - 12:44 pm
According to a new study, the most congested road in the country is in New Jersey.
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Boy stuck in toy
Fort Lee Police Department
January 26, 2019 - 5:19 pm
Police in New Jersey had to rescue a little boy who got stuck in one of his toys.
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Bill Baroni
The Record-USA TODAY Sports
January 05, 2019 - 5:05 pm
One of the defendants in the Bridgegate lane-closing scandal is backing off on his efforts to appeal his convictions.
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Tomato Box Heroin Smuggling
New York City Special Narcotics Prosecutor's Office
June 07, 2018 - 2:56 pm
Two men stood charged Thursday in a scheme to smuggle heroin from Chicago to New York City inside tomato boxes.
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