Photo credit NASA
Julia LeDoux
May 30, 2020 - 12:23 pm
An active-duty Air Force colonel and a retired Marine colonel were at the controls Saturday when America launched its first crewed space flight in nine years.
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May 27, 2020 - 7:15 pm
Bad weather postponed what was supposed to be the first launch of two astronauts from U.S. soil in nearly a decade. The history-making flight was called off with 16 minutes to go in the countdown because of the danger of lightning.
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Photo credit Getty Images
Eldis Sula
May 27, 2020 - 4:16 pm
Astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken are suiting up in futuristic flight suits for Wednesday’s 4:33pm SpaceX launch. They will also be taking off with a mosaic of 100,000 images of 2020 graduates.
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Tarrah Gibbons
October 18, 2019 - 8:36 am
Watch here on CNN as two female astronauts make history. History has now been made as two female astronauts embark on the first all-female spacewalk outside the International Space Station. NASA astronauts Christina Koch and Jessica Meir began their adventure orbiting outpost just before 8 a.m...
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June 25, 2019 - 8:29 am
By Ronald Bailey (SMDC/ARSTRAT) ( Connecting Vets ) - U.S. Army Lt. Col. Anne C. McClain departed from the International Space Station to return to earth aboard a Soyuz "Union" MS-11 spacecraft June 24 at 7:25 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time, following her 204-day mission with Expeditions 58 and 59,...
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Mars Rover Opportunity
February 13, 2019 - 2:21 pm
NASA has declared the Mars rover Opportunity dead after 15 years on the red planet.
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NASA New Horizons Ultima Thule
January 01, 2019 - 10:17 am
The NASA spacecraft that yielded the first close-up views of Pluto opened the new year at an even more distant world, a billion miles beyond.
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In this image taken from NASA Television, the SpaceX Dragon cargo spacecraft is captured by a robotic arm for docking to the International Space Station, Saturday, Dec. 8, 2018. A SpaceX delivery full of Christmas goodies has arrived at the International Space Station. The Dragon capsule pulled up at the orbiting lab Saturday, three days after launching from Florida. (NASA TV via AP)
December 08, 2018 - 7:55 am
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — A SpaceX delivery full of Christmas goodies arrived at the International Space Station on Saturday, following a slight delay caused by a communication drop-out. The Dragon capsule pulled up at the orbiting lab three days after launching from Cape Canaveral. Commander...
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 NASA's Curiosity Mars
NASA/JPL-Caltech via AP
November 26, 2018 - 3:02 pm
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — A NASA spacecraft has landed on Mars to explore the planet's interior. Flight controllers announced that the spacecraft InSight touched down Monday, after a perilous supersonic descent through the red Martian skies. Confirmation came via radio signals that took more than...
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NASA InSight
November 23, 2018 - 3:44 pm
Mars has a nasty habit of living up to its mythological name and besting Earth when it comes to accepting visitors.
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